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Please, don't find yourself stuck in a puddle of mud.

This blog is to be used as a source for entertainment solely. When posting comments please be aware and do not violate HIPAA. Do not post private information that can be used to identify a patient or an organization. Change names, or don't even use names. I suggest keeping things relatively anonymous. Thus, why I am remaining anonymous.

I am not offering medical advice. Consult with your doctor if you are here seeking such advice.

{Besides you really shouldn't take your medical advice from a dog. I'm flattered, but please, this is not the place to seek such advice.}

Pictures are either my own, or from various stock photo websites. I do not take pictures of my patients. That would be incredibly unethical, and hard to do since I have paws.

I do my best to post thorough and accurate information, however changes in healthcare occur every day. Follow your institution's guidelines. Follow your state's guidelines.

I think this can be a great website to help nursing students and new nurses transition into their new roles. I like to have open discussions so that we all can learn from each other but let's not violate anyone's privacy rights or put ourselves and our licenses on the line in doing such.



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