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Welcome to Nurse Nightingale's Blog

It's tough getting accepted into nursing school, isn't it? It's even tougher to survive nursing school. It's especially hard when you are a dog.

Yes. That's right. I have four furry legs and to much disdain I eat my food off the floor.

I, like many others, have found that nursing school can be quite challenging. I wanted to create this blog as a way for us to share and learn together. I find that this has been a great way for me to organize my own thoughts. Sometimes it's hard to not get distra-- SQUIRREL!


Yes, I get distracted easily. I thought this would be a great way to form a community with other nursing students and new nurses to share information so we can help each other become better nurses.

My interests include: eating a variety of kibble, short sprints through the park, visiting the sick in the hospital, sleeping, studying my human's notes, trying to invent the "Way-Back", flirting with fellow K9s on the elevator, playing Beethoven on the piano, and oxford commas.

I am in my last semester of nursing school. After this I will have my masters in nursing.

Please, take a look around, get comfortable, (sorry about the hair) and let's learn together.

Email me with any questions, suggestions, job offers *wink wink* that you may have:



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