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Monday, March 30, 2015

How to Rock Your Monday

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Make Monday Your Bitch

I went back and forth on this title... "How to rock your Monday"...... "Monday morning motivation" 
But let's be real. Monday IS a bitch. I'm a classy broad, but I do have a wicked sense of humor and I'm slightly rough around the edges. You've probably noticed that by now. If this title offends you, sorry... but feel free to click on an ad ;)

The weekend was glorious. We took our bras off Friday night. Kicked back in some fuzzy socks and caught up on a well earned Netflix binge. Saturday was spent in the sun in the park by the fountain. On Sunday we had mimosas at brunch and enjoyed a little cat nap in the afternoon... Then Monday shows up.


The alarm goes off. You realize you're restarting your week all over again. The bed is too comfy. The floor is too cold. Screw you, Monday. I don't want to get out of bed and take a shower. I want to roll over on my stomach and sleep two more hours.... but you have to show up.... always....

 If Mondays were shoes they'd be Uggs. Why doesn't Monday jump off a cliff into a pit of acid?

Monday is the red-headed step child.

My weeks are Monday, Monday 2, Monday 3, Monday 4, OH MY GOD IT'S NOT MONDAY, SATURDAY MORNING CARTOONS, Oh, no! It's almost Monday, Monday, Monday 2, Monday 3.....

If you're like me and have realized that you can't give up Monday for lent (or people) then this post is for you. Here are my super easy, fool proof, no caffeine needed (but strongly encouraged) tips to make Monday your bitch.

Please Don't Stop the Music

I start off every day with a major jam session, but Monday gets an even louder more upbeat jam session. Tip! Did you know that putting your phone in a bowl (or something else round) will amplify the speakers in your Iphone?? Well now you know.  I like to rock it old school: CCR, Queen, Sinatra, Louis Armstrong-- I've really enjoyed listening to PostModern Jukebox. God I love them. Also, I know my taste in music is a bit off kilter from everyone elses. Find whatever it is that gets your blood pumping and get your jam on.

Monday Morning Breakfast Queen

I'm always one that likes to take care of others. This is a good quality for a nurse. I'm also a tad Southern, so I show my love through food. I usually bring in some sort of goodies for my classmates/coworkers on Monday. 1) This makes people like you. 2) Since I had waffles and bacon at brunch now I can make the others around me consume extra calories and keep the playing field level. 3) It feels good to do good. 4) I'm too lazy to make my own breakfast

Make Plans for Monday Night

I happen to have an evening class this semester. I try to go out with a couple classmates after class to get dinner. I don't go out much (poor college kid syndrome) so anytime I go out it is a special occasion and something that I really look forward to. I think it's a great idea to make Monday special. Sometimes I even look forward to Mondays, depending on which restaurant we pick. I'm a fat kid at heart. 

Literally. I'm sure I have some clogged arteries from copious amounts of bacon and pizza.

Practice a Daily Mantra

I find it helpful to find inspirational quotes to start off what I know will be a tough day, or a Monday.

Here are some things that you can think to yourself:

"I'm going to rock this Monday like a boss!"

"I can do this"

"Today is the day" --- Dexter... hahaha, but seriously. That's an awesome mantra.

"Be the unicorn."

"Today is a clean slate."

Say whatever it is that floats your boat. Find something that speaks to you. Honestly, I like the unicorn one. It promotes rarity. In a world with so much mass production, I like to stand out a little bit. But not too much. I'm kind of shy...

Wear Bright/New Clothes

I use this trick during the winter to get myself to go run. If I wear bright colored work out clothes, or if I simply get new clothes I get excited to wear them. That's how I get myself to workout more. That's how I get myself to enjoy Monday more. Mondays are for new outfits. I try to lay out my outfit on Sunday night so that I can get that extra minute of sleep in the morning. 

Let's Get Physical 

Monday is a great day to also wear those new running shorts you bought. Before having this semester's evening class, I always ran with a friend or two on Monday evenings. It really sets the tone for the rest of the week to be productive. It helps balance out all of the bad behaviors over the weekend. It also will reduce stress, which Mondays are full of. Hitting the gym/trail is a great way to do something good for your body and for your soul. 

Here Comes the Sun

Depending where you live, I find it very refreshing to get some time in the sun. It makes me feel better. I feel happier. I'm more alive. I'm more positive. So while you can't always get some sunshine, if it's out there, go soak it up!! 


Those are my favorite tips for how to rock my Monday. I really hope that this gives you some motivation and inspiration to seize Monday and tell it who's boss.

In all fairness, it's probably hard to be Monday. No one likes you. You can't help it that everyone's work week starts on Monday. (For the most part. Plenty of jobs work nights/weekends.) 

How do you start off your week? Is there anything that you do for fun on Mondays? Today I had a chocolate donut for breakfast. Take that, Monday.



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